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If you have a boat available to rent we have over 800 people on our mailing list looking to live on a boat.

An advert is free, if you would like details sent to our mailing list the charge is just 10

Finding somebody for your boat is almost guaranteed!! Advertise here

If you are looking for a boat to rent to live on READ THIS if you read nothing else.
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How this site can help trying to find a boat to live on, and how YOU can be in front of others looking by JOINING OUR MAILING LIST
Boat Rental - some background information Type of boats you might look to rent
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List of people SEEKING a boat for rental
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All adverts are free!! Mailing list circulation is just 10.

"Many thanks for your service that helped people get in touch with me easily. In a matter of days I had several people contacting me and our boat is already rented. Best wishes!"

Advertise yourself as a potential tenant
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Fill out the form, totally free to advertise.
Insurance - make sure you are covered Stay within the law and the licence - technically renting at boat is probably illegal - but there is a loophole!!!
C & R T Terms, rules and regulations This link is where you will find all the stuff you need to know if you are a boat OWNER looking to rent out your boat
Press articles Two articles from Towpath Talk, but having read them if you think it is all doom and gloom remember there IS a LOOPHOLE


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